Rasberry and Blueberry Chocolate cake

The delicious piece of cake that makes your mouth water is a slice from our Rasberry and Blueberry Chocolate cake. The healthy raw recipe uses only ingredients that your body strives for like fresh fruit, dates, raw chocolate, cashew nuts, the finest virgin oils like coconut and cocoa. Even two slices won t make you gain weight It is gluten and lactose free, with no refined sugar or processed ingredients.

Oh, my, what a pie!

It ‘s a Lemon and Redcurrant Raw Delicacy. It fits the palm of your hand. In a hurry you can just grab one to satisfy your sweet tooth. Guilt free! Again gluten and lactose free, no refined sugar or processed ingredients, only seeds, dates, fresh lemon and redcurrant juice, nuts and virgin oils.

See Sushi Lovers?

It s raw and as tasty as you are used to. Only no carbs, no fish, only avocado, carrot, cauliflower and the usual sushi stuff.

Freshly baked

At Lumiele every morning you can smell freshly baked bread. We use only ancient grains like spelt (with a low gluten index) or buckwheat with no gluten. We add seeds, herbs, dried tomato, onion to add unique flavor.

Our raw bread is dehydrated and preserves all the nutritional qualities of every ingredient we use.


Water moves. It waves, ebbs and tides. It responds to the elements, the wind, the sun, it disappears in the soil, it evaporates and changes its structure.

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BALANCE your precious body

Begin your day with Lost Frequencies a little altered: “I want to dance by water beneath the Mexican sky Drink some Watermelon smoothie by a string of sun rays Listen to the Mariachi play at midnight. Are you with me, are you with me?

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Nature is all about balance. Our beautiful planet is struggling every day to balance itself and to process humanity s destructive actions. We tend to overlook that, like it or not, we are all linked to the planet and nature by being in a body. 

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After a period of unusually hot temperatures for the Slovenian climate it has started to rain extensively. As LUMIELE is waiting to launch it’s homepage, the title of our first blog is just appropriate as water is a file rouge to LUMIELE’s philosophy and story. 

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